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 Berry Bros. & Rudd 300th Anniversary Fine Wine Auction Dinner IN the presence of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
 Carlton Hotel and Restaurant Menu
 Christmas Card 'Mince Pies'
 Intergastra 80, Kochenmeister, Goldmedaille
'50 Yrs Still Cooking', Evening Standard
'A Most Delicious Ice!' illustration
'Anton' Cartoon
'I draw the line at Anton Bloody Mosimann Flambeing' cartoon by MACEO
'O' level cookery
'Petus Dinner Extraordinaire', drawing of Anton Mosimann smoking a cigar
'Too Fast to Fast', Black and white drawing of chef
'Vergeet Die Namen Niet', Banquet offert sous les auspices de la Société Commerciale, Industrielle et Maritime au Comiité Exécutif de l'Exposition Universalle d'Anvers
'You Never Get A Second Chance to Make a First Impression'
"Easy-to-make" confectionery and sweets: how to make biscuits, blanc-manges, custards, creams, buns, cakes, jams, preserves, jellies, pastry, pies, tarts, mincemeat, sweets, syrups, liquers, etc, etc.
"Savoy" champagne: scrapbook of menus, advertisements and press clippings relating to "Savoy" champagne
1 Carlton House Terrace Menu
10 Köche präsentieren Südtiroler Tafelfreunden
100 best Balti curries
100 great pasta dishes
100 styles of French cooking
10º Intergastra Stuttgart '80
10º Intergastra Stuttgart '80
11º Intergastra Stuttgart 1982
12 silver card holders (asian)

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